Month: August 2016

Are you a smart packer?

A smart packer is the one who arranges his luggage with space efficiency and still take care of his travel and trip needs. There are certain travelers who believe in packing light while there are some who pack so much for a 3-day trip that it seems they are ready for 3 months. Efficient and smart packing not only minimizes the load to be carried but also ensures there is no problem with the airport authorities during inspection and check-in. Before a traveler starts packing, he should acquaint with the airline luggage rules for both, checked-in as well as carry-on... read more

Common Injuries During Travel

Whether you are a business traveler or traveling for personal reasons, injuries can not be totally avoided. It’s a disheartening fact to learn that according to the World Health Organization, injuries are one of the many reasons of death of travelers. The good fact about these injuries is that they are preventable. Being prepared will increase the fun in your trip manifold and will keep the injuries at bay. Why travelers are susceptible to injuries? New environment including food and water quality Driving or riding in unfamiliar terrain Unknown rules and laws Difference in language Nervousness and fear in elderly... read more

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