Month: September 2018

Travel Medical Insurance Vs Domestic Medical Insurance

Over last few decades, Multichoice Insurance Services have helped thousands of families with various insurance needs. Through their new launched website, VisitorPLANS, they would like to bring into light the salient features and benefits of the two kinds of medical insurance available: Domestic Medical Insurance vs. Travel Medical Insurance. Often time, prospective visitors spend hours researching several plans but are unable to make a suitable choice as per their needs and requirements. Through this article, we would like to explain the domestic medical insurance and travel medical insurance, as well as provide a comparison of benefits offered by them. Definition... read more

TSA Pre Check

What is TSA? The US government created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to develop policies to help secure nationwide transportation systems, including airports, highways, railroads, buses, and mass transit systems. TSA personnel/agents are responsible for screening of commercial passengers and their luggage. It includes passengers going through body scanner, sorting and limiting the amount of liquids they can carry, hand luggage being checked, testing liquids they are carrying. This airport security process is a long and time-consuming process. What is TSA Pre-Check? The TSA Pre-Check application program membership allows travelers (and their children-12 years of age and younger) to through... read more

Luggage Mishaps and Visitors

After a long flight to a far away international destination for an important business meeting or making such a long trip to meet a friend or family, imagine getting delayed at the airport because your luggage is lost or delayed or damaged or stolen! Neither a good start or a perfect ending to a trip or vacation! When this happens because of the airlines, visitors have to just wait. A traveler can only minimize these risks from his side but he has no control over anything else than taking precautions. But it helps to know how these circumstances can be... read more

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