Month: April 2020

How To Feed Your Wanderlust During Quarantine

Quarantine essentials include food, medicines, disinfectants and a few other goods - this list is for normal people. But for travel lovers/travel addicts there’s more that gets added to the list. A traveler’s list of quarantine essentials include - sunset by the ocean, jet lags, snow-clad mountains, rush, local food, wilderness, etc. The list just keeps going. Travelers may not need these things to survive but they need these to feel alive. Also, have you heard of the very renowned term Travel Itch? Yes, it does exist, and it can make a traveler’s mind go out of control. The times... read more

How to Avoid Anxiety and Loneliness During Quarantine

Life was good. The monotony of waking up to get ready and go to work every day was the norm. Waiting for the weekend so that we can finally rejuvenate was exciting. We cribbed about not having enough time to get things done and fought with ourselves for that extra 5 minutes of sleep or made excuses to stay at home. Those were simpler and happier times.             Life is a little difficult during quarantine now. We wake up hoping to learn that someone has found a cure for the pandemic. Wanting to go out again, go to work and... read more

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