Month: December 2023

Celebrate Christmas With Visitor Health Insurance

If there is one holiday that everyone looks forward to throughout the entire calendar year, regardless of their religion, it is Christmas, without a doubt. A holiday that has long brought families and friends together, it is indeed the time that brings a lot of year-end travel. It is important to stay in good health to end the year in good spirits. In this blog, we will explore ways to enjoy a safe Christmas by protecting yourself and your loved ones and learning the different aspects of visitor insurance. How to Celebrate Christmas Traditions from Around the World with Visitor... read more

How To Choose The Best Tourist Health Insurance

A memorable trip starts with a good plan where passports are not the only thing that is quintessential to the travel checklist. Tourist Health Insurance, also known as travel medical insurance, is an essential means to address unexpected financial expenses that occur when you get hurt or fall sick during travel. More importantly, not all domestic insurance providers cover expenses that occur overseas. In this guide, we will help you navigate the process of finding the best tourist health insurance to kickstart your adventures. What is an International Tourist Health Insurance? International Tourist Health Insurance is an insurance plan specifically... read more

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