Best International Tourist Health Insurance USA

Best International Tourist Health Insurance USA

Dreaming of embarking on the great American road trip? The United States is one of the top destinations to feature frequently on every globetrotter’s bucket list. A trip to the US is definitely for the adventurer in you, but ensure you protect yourself, regardless of your current state of health, against unforeseen circumstances.

Read this blog to learn about health insurance for foreign visitors and how to choose the best tourist health insurance for visitors to the US.

Health Insurance for Foreign Tourist Visitors

One of the top reasons we recommend health insurance for foreign visitors is the lack of coverage offered by most insurance companies in your home country for medical expenses outside the residential country.

Tourist health insurance offers protection to visitors of the US and provides similar benefits to that of a traditional American health insurance plan.

Choosing the Right Health Insurance for Your Tourist Trip

As a tourist, the last thing you want is to be burdened by a stack of medical bills you never planned to incur in the first place. When planning your trip to the US, ensure you have the right coverage for unpredictable medical and travel-related expenses that may occur during your trip.

Work with a reputable insurance agency, like VisitorPLANS, to help you identify the suitable travel medical insurance plan for your tourist trip to the US. VisitorPLANS offers fixed and comprehensive coverage plans to suit every type and length of stay. Talk to an expert advisor to go over the policy print in detail and choose the best health insurance plan for foreign visitors to the US.

What are the best Health Insurance Plans for Foreign Visitors To the US?

With many options, finding the perfect plan for your needs can be daunting, be it for covering an acute onset of a pre-existing condition or one that simply covers the basics. Here are some of the best health insurance plans for foreign visitors to the US.

Let’s look at some popular options for fixed coverage plans.


Safe Travels Elite is a popular fixed coverage plan designed for foreign visitors to the US. This fixed coverage plan offers basic and limited medical coverage for the duration of your stay. Some features to note for the Safe Travels Elite plan –

  • Applicable to non-US citizens traveling to the US between the ages of 0-89.
  • This policy applies only to visitors traveling to the US.
  • The insured must arrive in the US before visiting other countries.
  • The policy has a coverage length of a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of 364 days.
  • First Health Provider Network to search for doctors and hospitals


Visitors Care is another fixed coverage plan that offers limited scheduled benefits for visitors to the US. This plan allows you to visit any US doctor/hospital. Please note the following features of the Visitors Care plan –

  • Eligible for non-US citizens between the ages of 0-99 traveling outside their home country.
  • The policy can be renewed up to a maximum of 24 months with a renewal fee of $5.
  • The policy has a coverage length of a minimum of 5 days up to 12 months
  • Visit any doctor/hospital in the United States.


Atlas America

One of our top contenders in the comprehensive coverage plan section, Atlas America is popular with non-US citizens for the broad medical coverage it offers to visitors to the US. Atlas America participates in the United Healthcare PPO network, which has some of the best and most available networks of physicians, hospitals, and other care providers nationwide.

  • Eligible for non-US citizens between the ages of 14 days to 99 years traveling to USA
  • Coverage length – minimum 5 days up to max 364 days
  • Provider Network – United Healthcare PPO Network

Patriot America Plus

Patriot America Plus is another popular comprehensive coverage plan that offers international coverage for medical expenses incurred by travelers to the US. This plan is excellent for those seeking a versatile travel health insurance plan with 24-hour access to qualified coordinators for emergency medical services.

  • Eligible for non-US citizens between the ages of 0-99 traveling to the US.
  • Coverage Length – minimum five days up to 12 months
  • Provider Network – United Healthcare PPO Network

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is yet another popular option for comprehensive coverage to travelers visiting the US. It provides accident and sickness coverage, including coverage for treating COVID-19 contracted after the policy effective date.

  • Eligible for non-US citizens between the ages of 0-89 traveling to the US
  • Coverage Length – minimum 5 days up to max 364 days
  • Provider Network – First Health PPO Network

Visitors Protect

Travel with confidence with this highly recommended comprehensive travel health insurance sought after by visitors to the US. The Visitors Protect plan offers excellent medical assistance and coverage you require, including pre-existing coverage on your trip to the United States, and is designed for a stress-free trip overseas.

  • Eligible for non-US citizens traveling to the United States
  • Coverage Length – 90 days up to 12 months
  • Provider Network – United Healthcare PPO Network

Looking for something more curated for your trip? Rest assured. There are more fixed and comprehensive coverage plans for you to check out here.

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Types of Health Insurance Policies Available for Tourist Visitors

Let’s delve a little deeper into the types of health insurance policies available for tourist visitors. The two popular types of coverage for travel health insurance are Fixed Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage. Each has a set of benefits designed to suit your unique condition.

Fixed Plans

These plans are very attractive for travelers on a limited budget with stringent resources, seeking the most economical option available on the market. Fixed coverage plans are lower in cost and limited in medical coverage. We do not recommend the fixed coverage plans as they do not provide you with the right medical assistance you may require on your trip.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans

We highly recommend comprehensive coverage plans to visitors of the US, as they offer the maximum coverage and flexibility of any other plan on the market. You pay the given deductible, and the insurance plan will pay for the remainder of the expenses as per policy terms and conditions up to the policy maximum.

This is especially ideal for high-risk, long-stay travelers that require additional protection, given their situation. Here are some popular options for comprehensive coverage plans.

Key Features and Coverage of Health Insurance for Foreign Tourists

Health insurance for foreign tourists is a simple step to protecting yourself from eating out of your trip’s budget. A robust travel medical insurance offers several benefits. Here are some key health insurance features for foreign tourists —

1. Coverage –

Health insurance for foreign visitors covers most typical medical expenses, such as doctor visits, prescription medication, hospital fees, medical evacuation, etc.

2. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage –

This option pays the insured or their beneficiaries for an unintentional death or dismemberment (loss of body parts, such as eyes, hearing loss, etc.)

3. Pre-existing conditions coverage –

Some travel health insurance plans for foreign tourists may cover pre-existing medical conditions, subject to limitations and exclusions. Check with your provider on the availability of options for pre-existing conditions.

4. Optional coverage for hazardous sports rider

Tourists and athletes participating in extreme sports activity, such as parachuting, bungee jumping, skydiving, personal combat or fighting sports, racing, rodeo, etc., would require adequate hazardous sports rider coverage. Are you planning to take up hazardous adventure sports or other high-risk activities? You can opt-in for hazardous sports rider coverage in addition to your travel health insurance plan for treatments related to hazardous sports incidents.

Advantages of Health Insurance for Foreigners in USA

Health insurance for foreigners in USA may be beneficial for several reasons. Here are some advantages of international health insurance USA.

1. Healthcare –

As basic as this sounds, access to primary healthcare is very important to every human, even if you are a tourist in the USA. Medical expenses can stack up without insurance, burdening you mentally and financially.

2. Stress-free travel –

Travel can quickly become a stressful process, when not supported by the right resources. Health insurance coverage in a foreign land can significantly reduce stress and let you enjoy your trip to America.

3. Financial Allocation –

No one likes to use up their budget reserved for recreational purposes on surprise medical expenses. A travel medical insurance plan will allow you to travel as per your original plan without detours.

4. Medical Evacuation –

Many health insurance plans for foreign visitors cover expenses arising from an emergency medical evacuation. This is particularly useful if you visit rural places without a medical facility to treat you immediately.

Why choose us for Health Insurance for Foreigners in the USA?

VisitorPLANS is one of the largest insurance agencies in the United States, offering secure insurance plans for foreign visitors to the USA. We understand a journey to the United States may sometimes go differently than planned and can entail impromptu, off-the-beaten-path trips that host unpredictable challenges.

This is why VisitorPLANS offers a wide range of coverage options for foreign tourists visiting the USA. Ensure you carefully review your coverage and exclusions in your policy before choosing a suitable travel medical insurance plan.


The ultimate goal of any international trip to the United States is to have lots of fun and enjoy ourselves thoroughly at every step. It is, therefore, imperative to protect yourself from unexpected illnesses or injuries with the best health insurance for foreign visitors to the US.

Our team of expert advisors at are here to help you make the right choice.

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