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Navigating Travel Medical Insurance for Your India-Canada Journey – Choose the Right Plan

From hiking the Rockies, breezing through powdery soft ski slopes, and experiencing diverse heritage from various cultures, Canada is a destination that holds a special place in everyone’s travel checklist. Whether you’re a hard-core wanderlust or an art aficionado exploring the artsy cultural scene of Montreal, there is something in Canada for everyone. But considering the ever-changing world of politics and COVID guidelines in place, it is essential to learn every aspect of traveling to Canada in a safe manner. You will also learn how to navigate travel medical insurance for your India-Canada Journey and the importance of choosing plans,... read more

Health Insurance for Green Card Holders

Health insurance is an essential part of our well-being and offers an array of benefits. However, navigating through paperwork and various options can be a bit daunting. But with the right information, this can be easy to navigate, especially for green card holders. Our aim with this blog post is to help you navigate this complex landscape with a comprehensive guide to health insurance for green card holders. From understanding various types of insurance plans to the benefits of securing health coverage, whether you’re an US permanent resident, or a shuttle between your home country and the US, this guide... read more

Health Checklist for Foreign Parents Before Arriving in the US

Do you have parents that are visiting the United States? Traveling around the United States can be exciting. The US is bountiful where nature is concerned and is a feast for those seeking adventures. That said, it is very important to prepare well in advance to ensure that your parents have a memorable and safe trip to the US. Besides arranging for hotel accommodations and planning their itinerary, it is essential to prioritize their health and well-being. Read this blog for a useful health checklist that covers everything your parents will need before arriving in the US. Documents to be... read more

Travel Medical Insurance Vs Domestic Medical Insurance

Over last few decades, Multichoice Insurance Services have helped thousands of families with various insurance needs. Through their new launched website, VisitorPLANS, they would like to bring into light the salient features and benefits of the two kinds of medical insurance available: Domestic Medical Insurance vs. Travel Medical Insurance. Often time, prospective visitors spend hours researching several plans but are unable to make a suitable choice as per their needs and requirements. Through this article, we would like to explain the domestic medical insurance and travel medical insurance, as well as provide a comparison of benefits offered by them. Definition... read more

Top 5 Reasons to buy Medical Insurance for Visitors

Visitor medical insurance provides coverage for medical conditions of a visitor during his trip. It is meant to safeguard his financial stability and medical care which may be affected by the unexpected medical emergencies outside his home country. Unsure as to buy visitor medical insurance or not! Refer to the following 5 main reasons for buying medical insurance when traveling especially to USA: High medical costs: In countries like the USA, cost of medical treatment and supplies can be very expensive. Further, the difference in currency may lead to high charges too. Visitor insurance plans offers you benefits associated with... read more

Tips for Visitors Health Insurance for India to USA Travel

For an individual or family or a group of people who intend to travel to the United States of America, making the flight reservations is not the only important factor for the trip. Once the trip is booked, the most important and recommended is to purchase visitors health insurance. As the name suggests, visitor health insurance offers coverage to visitors, against unforeseen medical conditions that may occur to an person in the host country. In country like USA, such an insurance is important to have as the medical costs can be unexpectedly higher. Do you know what is covered under... read more

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