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Understanding International Student Health Insurance

Are you considering education overseas? Studying abroad can be an enthralling experience that lets you learn new cultures, make new friends, and gain a wider perspective for your career. While a life overseas can be exhilarating, it is important to stay secure and get the best possible care, should you need it. This is where a robust International Student Health Insurance can make a noticeable difference in your quality of life abroad. What is International Student Health Insurance? International Student Health Insurance is a kind of insurance that caters specifically to the health care of students residing in foreign countries.... read more

Important Travel Documents

For any trip to go without a hitch, it requires proper planning. What do you think is the most important and critical part of this planning process? Is it choosing the right flights (with economic considerations) or if it is packing your suitcases smartly ? Or is it, the decision regarding which visitor insurance plan suits your needs the most? Well, apart from all this, one of the important things a traveler has to worry or pay attention to is about the safety of his documents that he may/needs to carry while on trip. What are these documents? How can... read more

Are you a smart packer?

A smart packer is the one who arranges his luggage with space efficiency and still take care of his travel and trip needs. There are certain travelers who believe in packing light while there are some who pack so much for a 3-day trip that it seems they are ready for 3 months. Efficient and smart packing not only minimizes the load to be carried but also ensures there is no problem with the airport authorities during inspection and check-in. Before a traveler starts packing, he should acquaint with the airline luggage rules for both, checked-in as well as carry-on... read more

Have you packed these important 10 things?

Passport and other important documents: In the hullabaloo of packing and rushing to the airport, packing luggages, and especially with kids there are so many things to be packed, sometimes it happens that passports are forgotten at home or in the safety locker of the point of stay. To avoid this disaster and hence to avoid missing your flight, make it a point to carry a waist belt to keep such important documents and wear it the moment you start packing. Also, it is very useful to keep copies of important and critical documents like passport and other national identification... read more

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