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Facts about Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become an international threat with more than 90,000 infected individuals; mostly in China, and thousands of deaths as well. As we write, there are active clinical trials carried out in the USA and China. Many cities and states around the world have been put under a State of Emergency. People who recently visited Asian countries are being tested for the illness. With the increasing number of cases around the world, it is very important for everyone to have more information about the virus and how to deal with it. How did it originate? The virus is believed to... read more

Recommended Checklist: Before and After Travel

The holiday plan is ready to be set in action. The excitement to meet loved ones is in the air.  For the trip to go without any hiccups, travelers should take care of certain things before and after the travel. Refer to the checklist provided in this blog post to organize your travel: Checklist- Before You Travel 1. Passport: Check the validity of your passport before you make the travel plans. Certain international destinations may require passport validity of up to 6 months. 2. Visa: May be you obtained the visa for the intended destination country some months back. Ensure... read more

TSA Pre Check

What is TSA? The US government created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to develop policies to help secure nationwide transportation systems, including airports, highways, railroads, buses, and mass transit systems. TSA personnel/agents are responsible for screening of commercial passengers and their luggage. It includes passengers going through body scanner, sorting and limiting the amount of liquids they can carry, hand luggage being checked, testing liquids they are carrying. This airport security process is a long and time-consuming process. What is TSA Pre-Check? The TSA Pre-Check application program membership allows travelers (and their children-12 years of age and younger) to through... read more


Visitor Insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies that may occur during travel. These plans provide lots of benefits, such as in-patient and out-patient treatment, surgery, hospitalization, urgent care, etc. Certain medical services when availed by the visitor insurance requires Precertification by the visitor insurance company. What is Precertification Each proposed hospital admission, in-patient or out-patient surgery, and other procedures as noted in the Certificate of Insurance must be Precertified for medical necessity, which means the insured person or their attending physician must communicate with the insured’s insurance company representative at the number listed on the insurance company identification card prior... read more

Things to do when lost during travel

What if you are lost in a new country and you don’t know where to go, how to ask for help (different languages), whom to ask for help? What if the modes of transport are not easy and quick to find? The rule of thumb is do not lose your calm. Do not panic. This will only invite more troubles and confusions. Calm down and try to figure out how you reached here in first place. If possible, retrace your journey. If you do not speak the language, do not worry. Try to ask for help with gestures. First step... read more

Emergency Family Reunion Coverage in Visitor Insurance

When a visitor gets injured while he is traveling, Emergency Family Reunion coverage within visitor insurance covers the expenses associated with bringing a family member or friend to the place where the visitor is hospitalized. For a person suffering far away from his home country and loved ones, this feature turns out to be of great help.This benefit is sometimes known as “bedside visit”. What does Emergency family Reunion Coverage covers? Round trip transportation for one person. The visitor has to be hospitalized for some minimum number of days. It differs from plan to plan and is usually 7 days.... read more

Top 5 Mistakes People Make While Purchasing Visitor Insurance

Traveling is often looked forward to. Be it the excitement of meeting loved ones or visiting a dream destination. Business travelers prepare for their international business meetings from weeks in advance. Both types of travel, be it for personal reasons or work-related has one common element, i.e. risks. Unexpected medical emergencies, flight-delays, missing connecting flights or baggage issues can happen to anyone and anywhere. Therefore, visitor insurance is very much recommended. People can understand the importance of buying one, but they often mistakes. Here we give the common mistakes that people make while they set out to buy visitor insurance.... read more

Identity Theft During Travel

Is your identity safe when you travel? Are you aware if someone is using your bank account details and making transactions posing as you? Are you sure all your email account credentials are secure? Identity theft is a grave issue and must be addressed with necessary measures especially when getting ready to travel as well as while traveling You have made arrangements for travel, have packed your suitcase according to the weather conditions at the destination country, also purchased visitor insurance. You are ready to say bye to your family and friends, and ready to leave for your much awaited... read more

7 Ways to Save Money While Buying Visitor Insurance

Buying visitor insurance need not be an extravagant affair. Visitors should not dread about it’s cost. How is that possible? Travelers often do not read sufficient information for the purchase of visitor insurance. With the right information and a little research, you could save money while buying visitor insurance. And the good news is you can spend that extra money on more fun in your trip. Here’s how:  Do not be a latecomer: Do not buy last-minute or just a day before your travel date. VisitorPlans recommends you to buy visitor insurance policy at least 5 days prior to your... read more

Common Injuries During Travel

Whether you are a business traveler or traveling for personal reasons, injuries can not be totally avoided. It’s a disheartening fact to learn that according to the World Health Organization, injuries are one of the many reasons of death of travelers. The good fact about these injuries is that they are preventable. Being prepared will increase the fun in your trip manifold and will keep the injuries at bay. Why travelers are susceptible to injuries? New environment including food and water quality Driving or riding in unfamiliar terrain Unknown rules and laws Difference in language Nervousness and fear in elderly... read more

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