Everything You Need to Know About Traveling with Pets

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling with Pets

A trip with your loved ones can be an enthralling experience. But travel with our friends with paws is unsurpassed. Ask any pet owner, and they’ll tell you that no journey is ever complete without a pet. At VisitorPLANS, we understand a trip with our paw family requires careful planning, from finding safe pet-friendly places to stay and visit to buying suitable health insurance to keep your family safe during the trip. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about traveling with pets.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Without a doubt, one of the first things we think about when planning a trip with our pets is if they will have a comfortable place to stay in. Many places have rules surrounding pets, and it is important to find an accommodation that is friendly and safe for your pet. Make sure the accommodation you book accepts pets and has amenities that help make your pet’s stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Keep in mind some properties have separate fees for your pet. Travel sites have search filters that make it easier for you to find pet-friendly properties. You could also connect with a travel agent to make the process of booking for travel a breeze.

Pet-Friendly Travel Safety

When it comes to traveling with our pets, their safety is paramount, and everything else can take a backseat as far as travel is concerned. Our ultimate goal for traveling with pets should be to keep our pets in a safe environment. This helps in ensuring your peace and keeping the entire journey a joyous one for everyone involved.

We advise you to check the laws of the country you’re visiting. What are the laws regarding pets driving in cars? Should they be strapped securely? What is the documentation you need to have on hand at all times?

Check up on airline policies and plan travel in a way that the actual travel time is as minimal as possible to avoid separation anxiety. Make sure you have the necessary insurance, place your pet in a robust pet carrier, and use collars with identification tags.

Last but not least, an important PSA (Public Safety Announcement), regardless of country or travel, is to never leave your pet alone in a hot car. This can be fatal for your four-legged friends.

Pet Travel Documents

Pets are like babies. Check with your pet’s veterinarian if they require special vaccinations and precautions to be taken for the trip. Make sure their records are up-to-date, and obtain the documents related to travel, such as a health certificate and certificate of veterinary inspection, before you commence your journey.

You may be required to submit additional documentation or, in some cases, even quarantine your pet for a brief period before being allowed to bring them into a country. Be sure to research and look up the requirements related to the country you’re traveling to.

Visitor Health Insurance

Your health is important for the well-being of your pet. It is important that you are in good shape to experience and collect wonderful memories during your trip. That said, there is no way of predicting sickness and accidents. And the last thing you want to do when visiting a foreign country is go searching for the right medical care when you absolutely need it.

Purchasing the right visitor health insurance plan can help you cover unexpected medical expenses, ensuring you are in the best health for your pet and family! VisitorPLANS offers a range of health insurance plans designed specifically for travelers, including coverage for emergency medical expenses. Patriot America Plus is a popular plan among those with pets. Check out some of the top plans for visitor health insurance here.

Pet-Friendly Road Trips

Road trips are a lot of fun. They are versatile and flexible in ways that other methods of travel just can’t offer. You get to explore landscapes at leisure that you normally would see in fleeting moments on a train or even miss altogether on a plane. Taking a road trip with your pet can be a great way to explore new places together. Here are some points to keep in mind when taking your pets on road trips –

  • Make sure you bring plenty of water to keep your pet hydrated
  • Bring pillows and toys they are most attached to help them deal with the anxiety of traveling in a moving car.
  • Plan frequent potty breaks and stops to let your pet stretch their legs and be comfortable.
  • Stops at pet-friendly rest areas and parks along your route can be an added bonus to let them bask in the beautiful nature.
  • Invest in a sturdy pet crate or carrier to keep your pet safe and secure during the trip.

Pet-Friendly Airlines

Airlines have come a long way where pets are concerned. Some airlines allow pets to travel in the cabin, depending on their size and weight. Make sure you read through your airline’s pet-related policies. Some airlines still require pets to travel in the cargo area. You may be expected to pay additional fees for your pet when booking your flight. Check with your airline on the documentation they require before you fly to your destination. And lastly, make sure your pet carrier meets the airline requirements while still prioritizing the comfort of your pet.

Can you return a pet?

One of the most important things pet owners can do to alleviate some of the stress surrounding travel with pets is to buy a proper insurance plan. This gets you the right care when you need it. That said, be on the lookout for a plan, such as the Patriot America Plus, which covers pet return or the unfortunate death of a pet. Let’s look at this a little more in detail.

Pet Return

If the insured person is hospitalized for treatment of an illness or an injury during the period of coverage, the insurance company will reimburse the cost of a one-way economy commercial airline or ground transportation ticket to return a pet cat or dog to the airport within the insured person’s country of residence on the account that –

  1. The insured person is over the age of 18 and traveling alone with a pet cat or dog.
  2. The insured person’s pet cat or dog will be left unattended for 36 hours or longer.

Small Pet Common Air Carrier Accidental Death Benefit

Let’s look at what happens in the unexpected death of your pet cat or dog. An insurance policy like the Patriot America Plus has a small pet common air carrier accidental death benefit. In the event of an unexpected death of a pet cat or dog, up to 30 pounds in weight, traveling with a covered insured person on a common air carrier, the company will pay the insured person up to a maximum limit per pet of $500. The benefit applies only to the insured person’s originating flight from his country of residence and returning flight to his country of residence, and the pet must be checked in with the air carrier, whether traveling in the airplane cabin with the insured person or in the cargo/baggage area of the airplane.

You can connect with one of our advisors to learn more about the right visitor health insurance plan here. Read the policy carefully and understand what is covered before purchasing any visitor health insurance.

Pet-Friendly Destinations

The last thing you want to do is visit a place that makes it hard for you and your pet to traverse. Give utmost importance to the destination, as you and your pet will be spending a sufficient amount of time traveling through the various landmarks. Choose a destination that your pet can enjoy thoroughly, with sufficient sidewalk space to walk your pets, and pet-friendly receptacles to dispose of pet trash.

In general, most national parks and beaches are quite liberal with their pet policies and allow pets to explore their trails and campgrounds. Nevertheless, make sure to check out the policies for pets for cities and tourist attractions you are visiting to make sure there are no restrictions for pets. There is nothing worse than checking out places of attraction without your animal friends.

Pet Travel Tips

Here are some handy tips to ensure your pet’s travel experience is a safe and comfortable one.

  • Pack a separate bag for your pet to hold food, water, treats, bowls, medications, and other items.
  • Bring a bed or a carrier to ensure your pet has a comfortable spot to sleep in.
  • Remember to bring their favorite toy or blankie to ease their stress and make them feel at home when they are away from home.
  • Check with your pet’s vet if they need any medication to help with their anxiety or motion sickness.
  • Make a note of vets, clinics, and hospitals in the city you’re visiting to be prepared in case of emergencies.


Traveling with pets can be one of the greatest memories you can make for yourself and your pet. Use the handy pointers on this blog to plan your travel meticulously, such as choosing pet-friendly accommodations and carrying the right travel documents. With a little extra effort, you and your furry friend can have a safe and enjoyable trip together. And don’t forget to check out VisitorPLANS for your visitor health insurance needs.

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