Have you packed these important 10 things?

Have you packed these important 10 things?

  • Passport and other important documents: In the hullabaloo of packing and rushing to the airport, packing luggages, and especially with kids there are so many things to be packed, sometimes it happens that passports are forgotten at home or in the safety locker of the point of stay. To avoid this disaster and hence to avoid missing your flight, make it a point to carry a waist belt to keep such important documents and wear it the moment you start packing. Also, it is very useful to keep copies of important and critical documents like passport and other national identification documents on your email/hard copies in luggage as well leave a copy back home with a trusted friend or family member.
  • Electrical Adapter: Different countries have different plugs and sockets. Travelers often forget to pack a universal electrical adapter that would help them to charge different electronics like camera, smartphones, tablets, hair-dryers etc. in any country they are. Before traveling, just pack this very useful accessory and you won’t feel like pulling your hair for having to find a store to buy chargers suiting your various electronic items.
  • Chargers: Ok, so camera, phone, iPad, cosmetic electronics all packed only to realize at the destination that there are no chargers for all or some of the devices. Chargers are one of the most important things to pack and since nowadays there are so many devices, it is easy to forget chargers of one of them.
  • A handy language book: People traveling internationally should keep a small dictionary or local language guide to be able to navigate smoothly on their trip. It’s also useful to know some common phrases like asking for directions, questions about food etc. This is one thing people tend to forget because they think they will manage when the need arises. But, it is universally known ‘prevention is better than cure’, preparation in advance relaxes the mind in a new country.
  • First-aid kit: First-aid supplies like disinfectant, band-aids, bandages, cotton should always be carried in a small box/pouch. It is often forgotten. People normally keep the medications but forget these supplies.
  • Printouts of hotel/flight confirmations: With the popularity and extensive use of smartphones, travelers often keep hotel confirmations, airline tickets or extra baggage confirmations on their email. But imagine the scenario when the phone runs out of battery or there may be no/very slow connection! In such cases, printouts always come handy. Do not forget them!
  • Mini portable charger: Portable chargers are mini, compact and power banks to keep electronic items like smartphones, tablets etc. charged. Just charge the portable charger and use it to charge any device while on flights, road or any place. One thing that’s an essential yet a lot of travelers are unaware of this mini useful item.
  • Reusable water bottle: This comes handy at the airports where they do not allow water before the security check. But they have water fountains everywhere which can be used to fill a reusable water bottle instead of buying an expensive one at the airport. The reusable water bottle also is useful everywhere you travel, just fill it up and you have water ready!
  • Hand Sanitizer: Washing hands often is a preventive measure to avoid any sort of unwanted health emergency. When water and soap is not available for cleaning hands,a small bottle of hand sanitizer stashed in the purse is very useful.Get your hands clean and germ-free with a sanitizer anywhere, almost anytime.
  • Extra plastic bags: These can be used for trash, as laundry bags, or just carrying extra stuff bought on the trip. Always carry extra plastic bags in different sizes. It is one of the simplest things travelers forget to pack.

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