Health Insurance for Green Card Holders

Health Insurance for Green Card Holders

Health insurance is an essential part of our well-being and offers an array of benefits. However, navigating through paperwork and various options can be a bit daunting. But with the right information, this can be easy to navigate, especially for green card holders.

Our aim with this blog post is to help you navigate this complex landscape with a comprehensive guide to health insurance for green card holders. From understanding various types of insurance plans to the benefits of securing health coverage, whether you’re an US permanent resident, or a shuttle between your home country and the US, this guide will make the path to finding the right health insurance plan a little less daunting.

So let’s dive in and simplify the process of securing your health and well-being in the United States.

Best Health Insurance For Green Card Holders

In this day and age, health insurance has become one of the most important aspects of our life. This is especially true for a country like the US, where the cost of healthcare is exorbitant and can be overwhelming for residents. This is no different for green card holders. The options can often be just as confusing, if not more, due to the various types of health insurance plans available.

What are the Types of Health Insurance Plans Available for Green Card Holders?

Green card holders are permanent residents of the United States and possess the eligibility to apply for various types of health insurance. To gain access to medical services in the US, they must qualify for ACA plans (Affordable Care Act), employer-sponsored insurance, marketplace insurance plans, Medicaid (for those who qualify), and Medicare for those aged 65 and above. Those not qualifying for ACA Plans can opt for other private health insurance plans, including travel medical insurance.

Factors That Determine the Cost of US Health Insurance for Green Card Holders

There are several factors that affect the cost of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) health insurance plans for green card holders. This is usually determined by factors such as age, overall health, income level, and state of residence. Those over 65 years of age generally have higher insurance premiums due to increased health risks that come with older age.

Benefits of Green Card Medical Insurance

Green card holders with ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans have plenty of benefits that get them the best care when needed the most. These could include preventive care, emergency services, outpatient care, pre-existing conditions, and prescription drugs. Additionally, green card medical insurance can cover services like mental health care and chronic disease management.

Alternatively, for those that do not qualify for ACA plans, there are options in travel health insurance plans to choose from. You can compare policies and choose the one with the best comprehensive coverage for you and your family here.

Health Insurance for Green Card Holders Over 65

Green card holders over the age of 65 are eligible for Medicare, a federal health insurance program in the United States. However, to qualify, they must have worked in the US for 40 quarters, pay taxes, and meet all the eligibility requirements.

Best Medical Insurance for Green Card Holders Over 70

For green card holders over 70 who do not qualify for Medicare, private insurance or other marketplace insurance plans are recommended. Always consider factors like coverage, out-of-pocket costs, and network restrictions when choosing a plan.

Health Insurance Options for Green Cards with Permanent Residency?

One of the benefits of becoming a permanent resident of the United States is that it has similar benefits to that of a United States citizen. Permanent residents have the same health insurance options as US citizens and can choose from employer-sponsored plans, private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare (for those who qualify).

Health Insurance Options for Green Cards Who Shuttle Between Their Home Country and the US?

Do you shuttle back and forth between your home country and the United States frequently? Check with your insurance provider for coverage in the home country. In the event you do not have coverage in your home country, consider purchasing a robust travel health insurance plan that offers coverage in your home country. VisitorPLANS, for instance, offers various robust health insurance options for green card holders that travel frequently.

Health Insurance Options for Individuals with Pending Green Card Status?

Is your green card status approval just around the corner? For those with pending green card status, consider choosing a travel insurance plan until your status is current and approved.

Why Should Green Card Holders Purchase Health Insurance?

Like every other citizen and permanent resident of the United States, it is important to purchase health insurance when in the US, especially because the cost of healthcare is expensive. Health insurance will protect you against unexpected medical expenses. Another point to consider is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which requires most people to have health coverage.

How to Get Medical Insurance for Green Card Holders?

Green card holders can purchase insurance through their employer, private insurers, or health insurance marketplaces or qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.

Can I Add My Spouse to My Health Insurance if He/She is Not a US Citizen?

Yes. You can add your spouse to your health insurance, provided your policy allows family coverage.

How Much Should I Pay for Health Insurance for Green Card Holders?

Factors such as your plan, age, income, and others affect the final cost of your health insurance.

Why Choose VisitorPLANS for Green Card Holder Health Insurance?

VisitorPLANS is one of the largest visitor insurance agencies in the United States, with access to the nation’s best comprehensive coverage options for green card holders, including those who travel between the US and their home country. Compare and choose from plans that are affordable and cover a wide range of medical services for every need.


Navigating the world of health insurance as a green card holder can seem daunting, but with the right information, you can find a plan that suits your needs. Whether you’re over 70, have permanent residency, or travel frequently, health insurance options are available. Don’t let the confusion stop you from getting the coverage you need. Remember, health is wealth!

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