Visitor Health Insurance for Parents Visiting the US (FAQs)

Visitor Health Insurance for Parents Visiting the US (FAQs)

Can I purchase insurance for my visiting parents?

Yes, you can get visitor insurance for parents visiting the USA. VisitorPLANS has various fixed and comprehensive coverage plans that will cover medical expenses for your parents during their stay.

What kind of insurance do my parents need for visiting the U.S.?

The first thing you need to assess when selecting the best visitor insurance for your parents is their age and their health conditions. If your parents are older or have pre-existing conditions, consider a comprehensive plan that offers better benefits.

Comprehensive coverage plans have a PPO network and cover all the major doctors and hospitals in the United States. This can be an advantage if your parents plan on visiting various places within the United States, which increases the risks of injuries, illnesses, and other disruptions. Here are some popular visitor insurance for parents visiting USA

  • Atlas America
  • Patriot America Lite
  • Patriot America Plus
  • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Should I purchase different insurance policies for each parent?

You can purchase the same policy for your parents or choose different policies for each individual. This depends on variables such as travel dates, potential health risks, age, etc. Some plans require you to complete separate applications if the parent is over 70 years. We recommend you connect with one of our agents to discuss the right plans for your parents.

What’s the best travel health insurance health plan for parents?

The best travel insurance health plan depends on the variables you select for your parents, such as coverage, acute onset of pre-existing conditions, age, etc. That said, Atlas America, Patriot America Plus, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive are some of our most popular options chosen by people purchasing insurance plans for their parents.

What policy maximum should I choose for my parent’s visitor insurance?

The policy maximum boils down to things like your parent’s age, activities you plan to do during your stay, risks associated with health, job, personal life, etc. Once you determine the risk levels, it will be easier to choose a policy maximum for your parent’s visitor insurance. The cost of medical treatment in the United States is expensive. We highly recommend a higher policy maximum, such as $500,000 or higher, for parents considering their age.

My parents don’t have insurance. Will I be liable for my parents’ medical bills?

This depends on who is sponsoring the visa. If you sponsor your parent’s visa or sign a document that makes you liable, you are solely responsible for paying off their medical bills. If your parents plan to fund their visit and have nobody sponsoring them, they are responsible for paying off the bills.

My parents plan to stay at home most of the time. What kind of insurance should I choose?

You should assess the condition of your home, your neighborhood safety, etc., before deciding on the risk factors associated with having your parents stay home. If you live in a reasonably safe neighborhood with minimal risk to their general health, you may choose a lower policy maximum, even though we don’t recommend it. We highly recommend you choose one of our popular options, such as Atlas America, Patriot America Plus, or Safe Travels USA Comprehensive for parents.

My parents will be traveling, what kind of insurance should I choose?

We recommend opting for a comprehensive coverage plan because it has better benefits and higher policy maximum. This is especially beneficial if your parents plan on visiting many places and participating in an active lifestyle during their stay.

Can I add my visiting parents to my health insurance?

No. If your parents are residents of the United States, possessing US citizenship or Green Card, they are not eligible to be your dependents on your health insurance.

Will I be responsible for my parent’s medical bills?

Yes. If you plan on sponsoring your parent’s visit and sign any form confirming this on any documentation, you are solely responsible for their medical bills.

Can I get more help choosing the best policy for my parents?

Absolutely! Head to our website or call us at 1-855-VISITOR or 1-510-353-1180 to connect with one of our agents. They will be happy to assist you in finding the right plan for your parents.

Are my parents required to have visitor insurance to visit the United States?

There is no mandatory requirement for your parents to have visitor insurance when visiting the United States. However, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends purchasing visitor insurance for anyone planning to travel to the United States from other countries.

Which medical insurance is best for parents visiting the USA?

VisitorPLANS has multiple fixed and comprehensive plans for you to choose from. We highly recommend comprehensive coverage plans, such as Atlas America, Patriot America Plus, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, for their policy coverage and benefits. Comprehensive coverage plans are ideal for older people, persons with health risk complications, and anyone with a vague travel plan. Head to our products page to choose one of our comprehensive plans for your parents.

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