Yoga Poses To Keep You Active During The Quarantine

Yoga Poses To Keep You Active During The Quarantine

Self-isolation can get stressful, especially if you let it get the best of you. What most people don’t understand is, although they have all the time in the world to rest and revitalize, not staying active during the lockdown can be very unhealthy for the mind and body alike. You tend to become lethargic as there is no rush to do anything except maybe work-from-home. You procrastinate your chores and other household duties and end up developing a very bad attitude. So, here’s something to make sure you stay active during the lockdown: Yoga!

Yoga is a great option to keep your mind and body fit. It is a form of exercise that gets the blood flowing while making sure you don’t get fatigued for the rest of the day. It also helps you increase flexibility, strength and improves your health in many other ways. It’s not as tedious as other forms of exercise but is still very effective in keeping you healthy. So, here are some yoga poses that we think will keep your body, mind and soul in perfect shape during the lockdown.

Salute to the sun: This yoga pose or asana is known as Surya Namaskar in Hindi, which translates to greeting the morning sun. A great way to start the day before the break of dawn when there’s positive energy flowing around you. This is actually a combination of 12 asanas that help stretch multiple parts of your body with different poses. Practicing this routine 12 times on each side every morning should be enough to keep you healthy during the lockdown.

Shoulder stand: This pose is commonly known as Sarvangasana. ‘Sarv’ means entire, ‘anga’ means body and ‘sana’ means yoga pose. So, in short, it’s a yoga pose for the entire body. It’s one simple routine that has so many health benefits that you should definitely add this to your daily asanas. It helps you with flexibility and improves the strength of your shoulders. Considering how you’re supposed to hold this pose, it also promotes healthy blood flow. Health experts recommend to not hold it for longer than 2 minutes.

Control of breath: Known as Pranayama; ‘prana’ means breath or vital energy of the body and ‘yama’ means control. This exercise helps you promote better respiratory health. It helps you control the rhythm and improves the quality of your breathing. This also helps you build your stamina and increases the energy level of your body making you more energetic and enthusiastic. It also helps you stay calm and relaxed, even during the tensest of times.

Child’s Pose: Balasana, which directly translates to ‘child’s pose’ is an asana that you should end your yoga routine with. It helps you relieve the tension in your body, specifically your chest, back and shoulders. This is also a highly recommended asana for when you’ve had a tough day at work and want to relax. Get into the proper posture and hold it for 1-3 minutes to get the most out of this asana. Put a habit of practicing this asana to have a happy quarantine.

Don’t they say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going? Well, the going couldn’t get any tougher than this and you should stay fit enough to keep going through these tough times. These dire times require people to be fit and fight this battle by keeping themselves calm. Hence, we recommend you to pick up the habit of practicing these asanas and make the most out of the lockdown.

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