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Applicants under the age of 19 have open enrollment periods during the month of their birthdates. This is pursuant to California Assembly Bill 2244 for medical coverage only. In addition, an applicant may qualify as a late enrollee or may obtain coverage outside of their open enrollment.

In order to verify eligibility for open enrollment:

  • Applications for open enrollment must be received during the child/children's month of birth.
  • Applicants under age 19 may be assessed a 20% surcharge for a period not greater than 12 months if the applicant has not had continuous coverage during the 90 day period prior to the date of the application and is not a late enrollee.
  • Insurance company may contact you to request proof that the applicant had continous coverage during the 90-day period prior to the date of the application such as a Certificate of Creditable Coverage or the premium billing statement.
  • Insurance company may also contact the applicant to request proof of age in the form of a birth certificate, passport or drivers license to verify eligibility.

A child may qualify as a "late enrollee" if they did not enroll in coverage during an open enrollment for any of the following reasons that occured within 63 days of the date of the date of application:

  • Loss of coverage due to termination or change in employment status of the child or person through whom child was covered.
  • Employer contribution for child's coverage is terminated.
  • Death, legal separation, or divorce of the subscriber under which the child is covered.
  • Loss of access to Healthy Families, Access for infants and Mothers, or Medi-Cal coverage.
  • Child moves to CA during a month that is not the child's birth month.
  • The child is mandated to be covered by a court order.
  • The child is within 63 days from their date of birth or adoption.
  • The child has exhausted COBRA or Cal-COBRA.

If applying for coverage outside of the birthday month or a special late enrollee period, a higher rate may apply.

Chil Medical Insurance

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