Plan Administrator: Trawick International | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: GBG Insurance Limited

  • Eligibility: Non US Citizen Student age 12 to 40 studying in USA.
  • Coverage Effective Date: The Effective Date of this Policy is the later of the following: 1. the date the Company receives a completed application and correct premium for the Period of Insurance, or 2. the date requested on the Application, or 3. the day after applying online.
  • Coverage End Date: Your coverage ends on the earliest of the following: 1. the date you cease to be eligible for coverage; or 2. the end of your term of coverage; or 3. the date requested on your application; or 4. the last day for which premium has been paid; 5. The date you no longer are affiliated with a school; 6. The date you return home; 7. After 364 consecutive covered days. Your spouse or dependent coverage will end at the earliest of: 1. the end of your term of coverage; or 2. the date requested on your application; or 3.the last day for which premium has been paid; 4. The date you no longer are affiliated with a school; 5. The date you return home; 6.After 364 consecutive covered days; or 7. the date a spouse or dependent is no longer eligible for coverage.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: 80% of the Preferred Allowance(Covered after 6 months)
  • Renew : This Plan is not subject to guaranteed issuance or renewal
  • ID card & Visa Letter comes in email instantly.

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Class 1 Principal Sum: $10,000
Time Period for Loss: 90 days
Loss of: Benefit: (Percentage of Principal Sum)
Loss of Life 100%
Loss of Both Hands or Feet, or Loss of Entire Sight of Both Eyes 100%
Loss of One Hand and One Foot 100%
Loss of One Hand or Foot and Entire Sight of One Eye 100%
Loss of One Hand or Foot 50%
Loss of Sight of One Eye 50%

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The Plan does not cover any loss resulting from any of the following unless otherwise covered under the Plan by Additional Benefits:

1) Aggravation or re-injury of a prior Injury that the Plan Participant suffered prior to his or her coverage Effective Date, unless We receive a written medical release from the Plan Participant’s Physician;

2) War or any act of war, declared or undeclared;

3) An Accident which occurs while the Plan Participant is on Active Duty Service in any Armed Forces, National Guard, military, naval or air service or organized reserve corps;

4) Injury sustained while in the service of the armed forces of any country. When the Plan Participant enters the armed forces of any country, We will refund the unearned pro rata premium upon request;

5) Voluntary, active participation in a riot or insurrection;

6)Treatment paid for or furnished under any other individual or group policy, or other service or medical prepayment plan arranged through the employer to the extent so furnished or paid, or under any mandatory government program or facility set up for the treatment without cost to any individual;

7) Organ transplants;

8) Treatment for an Injury or Sickness resulting from the Plan Participant's intoxication or use of illegal drugs or any drugs or medication that is intentionally not taken in the dosage recommended by the manufacturer or for the purpose prescribed by the Plan Participant's Physician;

9) Commission or attempt to commit an assault or felony, or that occurs while being engaged in an illegal occupation;

10) Eligible Expenses for which the Plan Participant would not be responsible in the absence of the Policy;

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The “Pre-existing Condition Waiting Period” is 6 months. If you receive treatment or service for a PreExisting Condition: a) No benefits will be paid for such condition until the day after a 6 consecutive month period has passed from your effective date; and b) The plan will pay only for Covered Expenses incurred after such 6 consecutive month period.

Pre-Existing Condition means an Injury, Sickness, disease, or other condition during the 365 day period immediately prior to the date the Plan Participant’s coverage is effective 1) received or received a recommendation for a test, examination, or medical treatment for a condition which first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; or 2) took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine. Item (2) of this definition does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 365 day period before coverage is effective under the Plan Participant’s Plan.

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This Plan is not subject to guaranteed issuance or renewal.

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Written notice of death, or Injury or Sickness must be given to Us within 30 days after a Covered Loss occurs or begins or as soon as reasonably possible. Notice can be given to Our authorized licensed agent. Notice should include the Plan Participant's name and address.

 If written notice is not received within 30 days, the claim may be reduced or invalidated. However, the claim will not be reduced or invalidated if:

1) it can be shown that it was not possible within reason to submit notice within the 30-day period; and

2) it is further shown that notice was given as soon as possible.


When We receive the notice of claim, We will send forms for filing proof of loss. If claim forms are not sent within 15 days after receipt of such notice, the Proof of Loss requirements stated below will be deemed to have been met by submitting, within the time required under PROOF OF LOSS, written proof of the nature and extent of the loss.

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