Plan Administrator: Trawick International | AM Best Rating: B++ | Underwriter: GBG Insurance Limited

  • Plan best suited - Non-US citizens, traveling outside their home country to EU countries.
  • Eligibility: 14 days to 70 years old.
  • Coverage length - Minimum 5 days to maximum 180 days.
  • Provider Network: You can find the link to the provider directory on the back of your ID card or Please visit for a complete list of providers.
  • Renew Online: Minimum of 5 days renewal.
  • ID card & Apply online to print ID-card online.

Coverage Benefit Limits

Emergency Medical Evacuation

  • Accompaniment - Maximum Benefit $300 per day / $6,000 total
  • Continuation
  • Repatriation for Medical Treatment
100% up to $150,000

Emergency and Accidental Medical Treatment

  • All coverage subject to Usual and Customary Limits
  • Preferred Provider Networks when available for Direct Payment
  • Acute/emergency Illness and Injury
  • Treatment by authorized physicians, nurses and specialists
  • Hospitalization (semi-private rooms)
  • Surgery, anesthesiologist
  • Prescribed medicines, dressings
  • Local transport to and from the place of treatment
  • Treatment by physiotherapists and chiropractors up to $2,500
  • Medically necessary required durable medical equipment
  • Emergency dental treatment for immediate relief of pain up to $500
  • Repatriation to home country upon medical stabilization
100% up to $50,000

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

100% up to $20,000

24/7 Emergency Assistance via GBG Assist

*Some limitations apply. Coverage paid at Usual and Customary.

Unless specified in the Benefits Schedule, in any written endorsement, or agreed by Company in writing, no claim can be made for compensation or payment for damage or expenses caused by or as a result of the following:

  • Pre-Existing Conditions: All treatment and expenses for routine care and maintenance related to Pre-Existing medical conditions.
  • In respect of Accidental Damage to Natural Teeth, no benefit is payable for Injury caused by eating or drinking (even if it contains a foreign body), normal wear and tear, tooth brushing or any other oral hygiene procedure or any means other than extra-oral impact, any form of restorative or remedial work, the use of precious metals, orthodontic treatment of any kind or dental treatment performed in a hospital unless dental surgery is the only treatment available to alleviate pain.
  • Suicide or attempted suicide, intentional self-injury, the effect of intoxicating liquors or drugs.
  • Treatment of hernia, Osgood-Schlatter disease, osteochondritis, osteomyelitis, pathological fractures, congenital weakness whether or not caused by a Covered Accident.
  • Evacuation costs where the Insured Person is not being admitted to a Hospital for Treatment or where costs have not been approved by The Company prior to travel commencing.
  • Any costs arising after expiry of the current Period of Insurance.
  • Any form of treatment or surgery which in the opinion of the Doctors(s) in attendance and GBG Assist can be delayed until your return to your home country.
  • Any treatment for HIV / AIDS related conditions or Illnesses whether pre-existing or diagnosed during or immediately after a covered period under this insurance.
  • Any expenses incurred after you have returned to your Home Country.
  • Medical Expenses in excess of a limit stated in the Benefits Schedule.
  • The amount of the Policy Excess, Deductible or Co-Payment, as stated on the Certificate of Insurance.
  • Any cost resulting in an Illness, Injury or death from the misuse of drugs or being under the influence or effect of alcohol (other than a legally prescribed medication by a licensed medical professional).
  • Needless self-exposure to peril except in an attempt to save human life.
  • Intentional or fraudulent acts on the Insured Person's part or their consequences.
  • Trips specifically made for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment.
  • Cosmetic surgery or remedial surgery, removal of fat or other surplus body tissue and any consequences of such Treatment, weight loss or weight problems/eating disorders, whether or not for psychological purposes, unless required as a direct result of an accident which occurs during the Period of Insurance.
  • Treatment for alcoholism, narcotics, drug and substance abuse/dependency or any addictive condition of any kind and any injury or Illness arising from the Insured Person being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substance.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth whether normal or complicated, including the transfer of a pregnant woman to hospital to give routine childbirth or air travel when the Insured Person is more than 20 weeks pregnant and was NOT a result of an accident or onset of complications relating from an accident.
  • Treatment for mental or nervous disorders, including transitional life events, homesickness, fatigue, jet-lag or work-related stress; the costs of psychotherapists, psychologists, family therapists or bereavement counselors.
  • Use of any type of firearm(s). (Defined as any device that discharges a projectile of any type).
  • Any expenses relating to search and rescue operations to find an Insured Person in mountains, at sea, in the desert, in the jungle and similar remote locations including air/sea rescue charges for evacuation to shore from a vessel or from the sea.
  • Charges or fees incurred for the completion of medical claim forms.
  • Expeditions, and mountaineering and or trekking above 3500M or 11,500 feet is considered an extreme sport and not covered, included and not limited to: a. Expeditions to Mt Everest, K2, Kilimanjaro, Antarctica, the Arctic, North Pole and Greenland.
  • Motorcycle vacations or holidays of any kind.
  • The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous or contaminating properties of any nuclear installation, reactor or other nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
  • War Insurrection and Terrorism: The Insurer shall not be liable for: Nuclear, and Weapons of mass destruction: means the use of any explosive nuclear weapon or device or the emission, discharge, dispersal, release or escape of fissile material emitting a level of radioactivity capable of causing incapacitating disablement or death amongst people or animals.

Chemical Weapons: mass destruction means the emission, discharge, dispersal, release or escape of any solid, liquid or gaseous chemical compound which, when suitably distributed, is capable of causing incapacitating disablement or death amongst people or animals.

Utilization of Biological weapons of mass destruction means the emission, discharge, dispersal, release or escape of any pathogenic (disease producing) micro-organism(s) and/or biologically produced toxin(s) (including genetically modified organisms and chemically synthesized toxins) which are capable of causing incapacitating disablement or death amongst people or animals.

Terrorism: Terrorist activity means an act, or acts, of any person, or group(s) of persons, committed for political, religious, ideological or similar purposes with the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public, or any section of the public, in fear. Terrorist activity can include, but not be limited to, the actual use of force or violence and/or the threat of such use. Furthermore, the perpetrators of terrorist activity can either be acting alone, or on behalf of, or in connection with any organization(s) or governments(s).

Pre-Existing Condition : means any Illness or Injury, physical or mental condition, for which a Insured Person received any diagnosis, medical advice or treatment, or had taken any prescribed drug, or where distinct symptoms were evident prior to the Effective Date.

A Pre-Existing Condition is considered stable, which in the twelve months before the Effective Date, there have not been: new/change in treatment; medical management; medication including a change in dosage, and new/more frequent/more severe symptoms or findings, and new test results or test results showing a deterioration, and investigations initiated or recommended for your symptoms, and hospitalization or referral to a specialist.


The Company maintains a Preferred Provider Network both within and outside the United States. Within the United States, the Company recommends the use of the Preferred Provider Network for maximum benefit payment. Please visit for a complete list of providers.

International / Schengen Countries: The Insured Person may utilize any licensed Provider. However, we suggest the Insured Person to contact GBG Assist to locate a Provider with a direct billing arrangement with the Insurer. The Insurer retains the right to limit or prohibit the use of Providers which significantly exceed Allowable Charges.

100% refund for policies cancelled prior to the effective date. All cancellations must be submitted in writing and are based on the date received.

Claims must be filed within 90 days of treatment/loss to be eligible for reimbursement of Covered Expenses. Claim forms should be submitted only when the medical service provider does not bill the Insurer directly, and when you have Out-of-Pocket expenses to submit for reimbursement. All claims worldwide are subject to Usual, Customary, and Reasonable charges as determined by the Insurer and are processed in the order in which they are received. After submitting the claim, you will receive a claim reference number and an electronic receipt for the claim will be sent to you by email.

Claims may be submitted to the Insurer directly by the Provider or Facility. The Insurer will process the claim according to the Schedule of Benefits and Plan terms, and remit payment to the health care provider. Ineligible charges or those in excess of the Allowable Charges will be the responsibility of the Insured Person. If the Insured Person has paid the health care provider, the Insured Person will submit the claim form along with the original paid receipts directly to the Insurer. Photocopies will not be accepted unless the claim is submitted electronically. The Insurer will reimburse the Insured Person directly according to the Schedule of Benefits and Plan terms.

In order for claims to be considered under this Plan claims must be In a form acceptable to the Insurer, and Contain complete supporting documentation. If the Insurer requests additional information from either the Insured Person, Physician, or other party to evaluate the claim and such information is not submitted, the claim will be denied.

Reimbursement Options: Claims reimbursements will be made by: a) Electronic Direct Deposit for Insured Person where the receiving bank is located in the U.S., b) Wire Transfer for Insured Persons and overseas providers where the receiving bank is located outside of the U.S., or c) Check sent to Insured Person or provider where electronic payment is not possible.

Status of Claim: To request the status of a claim or have a question please call: USA and Canada 877-916-7920 Outside the United States and Canada, call direct or collect: 949-916-7941 or Inquiries regarding the status of past claims must be received within 12 months of the date of service to be considered for review.