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Luggage Mishaps and Visitors

After a long flight to a far away international destination for an important business meeting or making such a long trip to meet a friend or family, imagine getting delayed at the airport because your luggage is lost or delayed or damaged or stolen! Neither a good start or a perfect ending to a trip or vacation! When this happens because of the airlines, visitors have to just wait. A traveler can only minimize these risks from his side but he has no control over anything else than taking precautions. But it helps to know how these circumstances can be... read more

Health Tips for Visitors Traveling Abroad

General know-how: Prevention is better than cure. Every culture has some grandma remedies which are useful to avoid or treat common health problems. These can be readily used in a foreign country with little preparation. Before you travel, it is recommended to learn basic first aid so that you can treat minor health conditions yourself. This would save a lot of hassles in finding and visiting a health facility as well as save you money. Always Carry a first-aid kit with you. It may contain disinfectant ointment, bandages, prescription medicines, common over the counter medications like anti-diarrhea, anti-motion sickness, cough... read more

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