How To Feed Your Wanderlust During Quarantine

How To Feed Your Wanderlust During Quarantine

Quarantine essentials include food, medicines, disinfectants and a few other goods – this list is for normal people. But for travel lovers/travel addicts there’s more that gets added to the list.

A traveler’s list of quarantine essentials include – sunset by the ocean, jet lags, snow-clad mountains, rush, local food, wilderness, etc. The list just keeps going. Travelers may not need these things to survive but they need these to feel alive. Also, have you heard of the very renowned term Travel Itch? Yes, it does exist, and it can make a traveler’s mind go out of control. The times are tough and you need a plan that takes care of this itch.

Coronavirus is traveling around the world and has locked you up in your homes! It is time you give it back by staying indoors yet feeding your wanderlust with these fun activities.

1. Cook a meal you are missing the most:

Flavors, spices and scents are known to help you revisit your experiences from the past. What best way to reminisce about your past travels than to cook a meal that you devoured during your expeditions. Look up a recipe online, try it at home and let your mind wander in the picturesque lands.

2. Update your bucket list:

Now that you’ve realized, life is unpredictable, it’s time to add new items to your bucket list and make life interesting.

Reading a book by the river, cooking a meal with the locals, having a family across borders, riding a horse, whatever it is, add it to the list. It’s not too soon to have a bucket list for 2021 ready!

3. Organize your playlist:

Do you remember those days when you were on the go and had no time to organize your playlist? Life has almost paused now, how about making separate playlists for in-flight songs, road-trip songs, shopping songs, bon-fire songs, cafe songs, etc. This activity may just take you back in time where you can relish some musical memories.

4. Learn about your next destination:

What’s your next destination? If you don’t have one in mind, look for one. Once you’ve found the place you wish to travel to next, check everything about it online. Watch food videos, cultural videos, read what makes that place special, learn a few phrases of the local language. These will keep you motivated and charged up.

5. Play travel scrabble:

This is the best time to show off your travel experiences to friends or family. A digital game of travel scrabble will please the traveler in you.

6. Share your travel experiences and start conversations:

Use instagram or blogs to share your experiences about places, people, culture, food, nature, adventure, etc. Join traveler’s groups on social media, share your experiences and get to know about fellow travelers. This will increase your travel circle and you may find someone to travel with on your next trip.

7. Be hopeful and plan your next trip:

One thing that COVID-19 can’t take away from you is – HOPE. Be hopeful for a better tomorrow, be hopeful for the world to heal, be hopeful to pack your backpack for your next trip soon. Utilize this time to efficiently plan your next trip and get yourself to be motivated.

Life may get tough at times and the flow may be against you, but you shouldn’t stop. Ask yourself, would you stop if you faced a challenge during a trip? No, right!

Keep that spirit going, feed your wanderlust, don’t let the hunger to explore die. Stay home today so that you can explore tomorrow.

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